Royal Review – Final Project

Poster designed and created by: Clayton  Nelson


Royal Review is hosted by Adrian Labuda, a.k.a. Royal Buda. Labuda expresses high interest in sports, particularly basketball. Whether it is watching the NBA or playing the sport himself, he is on his way of becoming a self made expert.

In this Kyrie 3 Royal Review Labuda provides a performance review on the court himself, recorded by Clayton Nelson, as well as a verbal opinion breakdown of the shoe and his preference there of in an attempt to pitch the shoe to potential buyers.

Written by Clayton Nelson.


Buying sneakers today is a big investment for most people. Most of them cost around $100
or more. Therefore, we at Royal Review feel like people should have the best possible
information available when they’re deciding which sneaker they want to buy. The Kyrie 3
shoe is an high end performance shoe, which costs $120, not a lot compared to other
players signature shoes. We hope that our review will make it easier for people to decide on
which NBA signature shoe they want to buy.

Written By Ole Christian Nymoen.


One comment

  1. Hi Clayton!

    I’m excited to watch your final film. This seems like a very original and creative idea. I don’t know much about athletic shoes and I think your teams short could give people a lot of insight about the performance of shoes and how the cost of the Kyrie 3 shoes compares to other athletic shoes and their performance. Cool post!


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