Pandemonium Broke out, 1 Dead, Charlottesville

Charlottesville is located in Virginia, United States of America. On the eve of August 11, a far-right white nationalist, Unite the Right Rally was starting to form. This was then the beginning of a horrific 24hrs where a young girl was run over and killed.

This all began after it was known that a confederate statue was planned to be removed. The statue of Robert E Lee. The White Nationalist protesters were gathered around the statue the night before the planned protest chanting racist slurs, These phrases includes, “Jews will not replace us.”

Counter-protesters were also present and not long after violence ensued with injuries on both sides. People were being treated by their cohorts until emergency personnel would arrive. The next day the protest would be far worse.

The protest was only scheduled from around noon to 5PM however by 8AM the location was already filling up. Many brought shields and clubs, also a large amount of people also brought pistols and long guns.

On August 12, tensions started to further build, There were miner scruffs like punching and throwing water bottles. By around 11:40AM, only a few minutes before the planned rally was to start, officials called it an illegal gathering and protesters moved a few blocks over to be able to hear the speeches that were planned.

After the the rally was cancelled by officials, around 1:45 a car sped through and ran over dozens of the counter-protesters on the scene. Its hit 2 other cars, which then rolled further into the crowd. The crash killed 1 woman and 19 others were injured. This was a deliberate attack.

The young girls name is Heather D Heyer, who then became the face of the riot.

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