It’s Complicated: Demi Lovato Documentary Overview

“The last time I was in an interview this long, I was on cocaine.” ~Demi Lovato

Ever since 2009, Demi Lovato has been a huge inspiration to me growing up and I have always identified with her for a lot of reasons. She loves to sing, which I love to do too, and she went through a very hard time in her life and I did the exact same thing. I went through a very rough time in high school and during that time, Demi Lovato was my escape. Her music was there for me when nobody else was, and she has always been one of my favorite sings of all time.

In this documentary, Demi Lovato sits down for multiple interviews explaining her life story and what caused her to develop serious depression, bi-polar disorder, she was addicted to drugs, and an eating disorder that still affects her still to this day. I connect with her so much because I have dealt with depression and an eating disorder my whole life, and the fact that someone is so open about their issues and makes songs about them is really inspiring. A lot of the stuff I have gone through I was able to get through by listening to her music, and I honestly can’t thank her enough.

In this documentary, Demi is nothing but honest and real about her issues. She shows every aspect of her struggles and how much what she has gone through affected her. She was bullied in school and lived with an abusive and alcohol father who wasn’t a good father figure at all to her and her sister. She started developing depression and an eating disorder at a very young age, and once it started it only got worse as she got older. At the age of 18, she went into treatment for her issues after punching one of her back-up dancers in the face for telling someone that she was addicted to drugs. After this treatment, she went down another spiral of unhealthy behavior and finally got treatment that actually worked a year or so later. Today, she is doing a lot better according to this documentary and she’s writing great music, using exercise as an outlet, and getting a great crowd of friends around her all the time. Since I have dealt with some of the same issues as she has, she’s given me a lot of strength over the years and she was my outlet during those hard times. I think being able to use music as an outlet and being able to relate to their music is extremely important, and Demi Lovato does that for millions of people all over the world.

This documentary is beautiful. It shows that Demi is a very kind, honest human being that is just trying to get through life just as much as everyone else. She’s showing that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes, and it’s what you do to get through your rough times that makes you who you are.

The documentary is on Youtube. Here is the link if anyone wants to watch it!

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  1. I was able to watch this awhile back. I knew that Demi went through a rough patch but this opened us up to what really happened… I love the fact how open she was.

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