Interview with Myself

Interview On Traveling

Traveling has always been a passion of mine. I have aspirations of being able to go on a expedition to Antarctica. Throughout my life currently I have traveled to several different countries such as Greece, France, Italy, China and America. Out of all the places that I have visited I would say my favorite would be Either China or France. Makes sense. I grew up in China and I have French Citizenship.

I answer questions in regards to what I want to do? Where would I want to go? Where I grew up. It leads on to what is one of the things on my wishlist before I die in regards to a place to visit and do.  I mentioned what is the craziest things I’ve done in my life and it has definitely been a tough toss between zip lining and open cage shark diving.

The way I grew up allowed me to appreciate the prospect of traveling and exploring new countries. Everywhere I visit, I like to get to know the culture a little and experience authentic food. Like when me and my brother visited Athens we went to this restaurant near a fish market I believe, it was a real hole in the wall but it was the best place we had lunch during the trip. I would speak a few simple words in Greek like saying thank you.

Another aspect of traveling that I love is to be able to take pictures of the places that I have visited. The landscapes and have photographic proof of going there.

This is an example of one of the photos that I was able to take in Brighton in the UK. Right by the sea, it’s not as beautiful but it has it’s own quirks.

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