HPU@HIFF Movie Review 11/8/16

On the morning of Election Day 2016, Americans of all stripes woke up and went about living their lives. These were the hours leading up to Donald Trump’s unexpected, earth-shaking victory, but, of course, no one knew that yet. Producer/ Creator Jeff Deutchman takes viewers along on the journey of the day leading up to Donald Trump being elected president. The movie 11/8/16 is a documentary that shows the election day through the eyes of more than just two points of view. The movie follows several families during their day until the night when they’re waiting for the final results. The people shown in the documentary all have different backgrounds. One for example, is a former prisoner who votes for the first time and others are for example union leaders. The all came from different party of the United States like Alabama, Philadelphia or California. During the movie the director follows them through their day from the morning on and let the audience hear different opinions and point of views regarding the candidates for the new 45. President of the USA. It is very interesting to see what kind of different emotions the day offers for the American citizen. As we all know, this election ends with a result that no one ever could think of. I really like the movie because it’s not one-sided and you could see different opinions. There is no wrong or right, just the normal and human reactions of American people on that legendary day. For me, as an international student, it was interesting to see the American way of thoughts about that topic. The media always shows just one side and you don’t have the opportunity to see different views. I also liked the Question and Answer part at the end of the movie. The audience had the opportunity to ask question about the background and the idea of the movie and also about how the movie is seen in different parts of the States.

It was a pleasure to watch this screening at HIFF this year.

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