HPU at HIFF Experience

This would be my second or third time at HIFF but will be my first time that I had a press pass. To say that I enjoyed the press pass would be a understatement. No need to wait in lines and automatic entry to the theatre. It made booking tickets for the film far easier too.

I would say one of the best things about this year was the movies I was able to go see. Blue was very interesting, it was about ocean conservation being the source to our survival. As I’m a huge advocate for ocean conservation it was a interesting documentary to watch. 11/08/16 was also an interesting documentary to watch. It gave insight on different perspectives from the election. Whether Trump supporter or not. Some say it’s a horror movie. Well, it depends on which side of the debate you are on.

My experience this year at HIFF has genuinely been good. This years selection of films has been good too. I was able to watch two documentaries. One of which is called blue and the other is called 11/08/16.

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