Hot Dog PSA

Hot Dog Meme – Reflects the humorous “I’ll just wait here” meme but with a more serious tone.

Time after time again you hear on the news about dogs dying from suffocating in a hot car while their owners were off shopping in a store. For a while, there were constantly news reports about people doing this to their animals, and then eventually it turned into people leaving their children. Thankfully the way we structured our final project PSA allows us to kind of address both issues. You can even look it up and find many different news articles that talk about hundreds of pets just in the U.S. alone, dying of suffocation from being left in a hot car for at least 15 minutes, especially in the summertime. What owners expect to be “a minute” can easily turn into much longer, which is how these tragedies happen. For our final project, we created a PSA, calling it “Hot Dog” to bring this issue to the public’s attention. Because this is an incident that happens when careless owners mistreat their pets, it can be considered dog abuse. These issues are usually discussed by the Hawaiian Humane Society which why we used their logo.


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