Hawaii shortage of Teachers

Yes you heard it right here! Hawaii has a shortage of teachers. Finding local teachers is a tough job, and the state of Hawaii is finding even harder, there is a shortage of K-12 teachers currently in Hawaii.

The Department of Education has already estimated that there are approximately 1600 vacancies for teaching jobs that would need to be filled in by the start of the next school year.

Many of the outside state teachers end up leaving due to the high cost of living, they usually stay to teach for about a year or two before being priced off island, destined to head back to the mainland. The average salary is just about enough to sustain themselves. It costs about half the take home pay just of rent, trips back home for out of state teachers are costly.

The shortage of teachers are not a new phenomenon for the public school system. Its a recurring nightmare to scramble and employ teachers for the upcoming school year.

As according the the DOE (Department of Education) employment reports, large portions of the teachers leave due to relocation to different states.

As of the 2016-2017 school year there are 531 vacancies available for teaching jobs in the state of Hawaii

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