Green Screen project


Green screen filmmaking can literally be seen everywhere, especially within the industry today. A green screen is mostly used for visual effect when creating a story and it opens a lot of options for directors trying to create a movie, which is really cool in my opinion.

For me personally, it was the first time working on a green screen together with my teammates Amanda and Leah and to be honest we did not have much of a clue of what we were doing. We had to try it in order to understand how to use it better, “learning by doing” in other words. Our team had created a story that was ready to be used, but when we started filming it using green screen we felt quite lost, to be honest. I know you might be thinking, “How can it be so hard, it is really easy?” Actually, it is not that easy, but I will tell you what we have learned from working with a green screen.

Using a green screen is not only about putting lights on, having a story and then you are ready to go. It does not really work like that. What I have concluded is instead that the lightning is everything, yes everything. You really have to have an even light, meaning that you need be aware of where you put the lightning to actually make it work. Furthermore, you need to pay attention so you do not have any shadows that can throw off your keyring. The positioning of the lights should be postponed 15 degrees from the green screen on each side pointing towards the screen, but you also need to make sure that each light is far away from the entire green screen so that you can create an even color. Why the green screen is used while shooting is to create an environment and one way to do that is by using a certain lightning.

To make it clearer, this is exactly what my team and I did not do, which is why it went wrong in many ways. When using a green screen, my advice is to prepare as much as you can and really understand how to use it because it is not only about lightning, you also need to know the camera angles and have a storyboard ready. If you do not have these things in order you might find yourself going back and forth without a real clue of what is going on with the project, which actually happened to us quite a few times.

Using a green screen should be considered an advantage and if that is not the case, you might be doing something wrong. Because when a green screen is used correctly, very powerful images can be created. Lastly, if it is your first time using a green screen my suggestion is to do some research on how to use it before you actually start using it because that can save you a lot of time and effort.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I loved your green project, I thought it was so funny. This was also my first time really working with a green screen. Also, I really like the last paragraph in your blog post. I agree that through practice you can create very powerful images, as well as unique and original editing if using the green screen correctly. I think people lose hope because the green screen can be difficult to work with, but can have some great effects if accurately used. Cool post and video!


  2. Hey! This was the one with the Everest hike right? It was a good idea. There is some places that can be improved like the transparency with the green screen but overall very nice!

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