Blue Review

The second and last movie that I was able to watch at HIFF was called Blue. This film is a documentary about the oceans and how we are destroying it. I’m a huge advocate for the oceans, who understands that the oceans is important to sustain life. This film goes on to explain what we are doing and how it is harming the environment.

It tackles a wide variety of topics, such as plastics in the ocean, coral bleaching, poaching, illegal fishing, over fishing. All of this is linked.

As mentioned, as someone who is a proud advocate for ocean conservation this film is brilliant to watch, the many under water shots that were taking is breathtaking. The shots of the coral that dead and bleached was devastating and the story of each individual going on a journey to explain certain aspects of the environment and such activities is riveting.

I would definitely suggest this movie to others to watch. It would truly open your eyes to the world and how we are treating the environment and how it’s affecting the oceans.

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