Being homeless in Hawaii

During my stay here on this beautiful island Oahu, Hawaii I’ve experienced with homelessness. How does it feel to be homeless? I guess, it’s always not the best way of living, doesn’t matter if you’re on Hawaii or somewhere else. In the year 2015 Hawaii declared a state of emergency from overabundance of homeless people. I totally agree with this. You can see homeless people everywhere, here. The homelessness in Hawaii come from one of the following three reasons:

  1. locals who have hit hard times
  2. people who moved to Hawaii to get work but lost it
  3. homeless from other countries, who moved here to avoid cold winters

Often people figured on staying in Hawaii for a bit, neither left. Thousands of homeless people are originally from the mainland. Unlike many homeless in the U.S, who are transient and go from city to city, once in Hawaii, it’s hard to leave. Why it’s so hard to leave? The main reason is, that you need a costly plane ride to get out and. If the homeless make money here, this goes toward things like food. The food in Hawaii is much more expensive than somewhere else (about 66 percent). Furthermore, Hawaii continues to lead the nation with the highest per capita rate of homelessness. Hawaii as a tourist spot wouldn’t profit from a situation like this right now. Waikiki for example, moves homeless out of tourist zones. I personally, experienced also the situation with homeless people in Waikiki at the beach or in Downtown on my way to class. It’s not the best feeling to pass them and you don’t really know what to think about them. Of course, you don’t know the situation behind and what’s the reason for them being in this situation. Never judge someone just because of the way they’re looking, because you don’t know what makes them look like this. On the other hand, you also don’t know what you can do to help or whether they want your help. Some of them seem very drug addicted and I don’t think that you can help them anymore. Also, the government didn’t seem to me, that they want to change the situation. I really hope, that Hawaii won’t lose the flair of being the most beautiful place in the world, because of the current situation.


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