11/98/16 Review

11/08/16 tells a story of the 2017 elections in the perspective of multiple different people. Some are supporters of Trump and some are supporters of Hillary. It tells the story of the very controversial election on election day.

As someone who lived through the election, I normally have read multiple news clippings from the perspective of the democratic side/liberal side and so I never really gave thought on what Trump supporters sees in him. To be honest I still don’t.

The uniqueness of this film is that it was shot in multiple states by multiple different production teams to get the story. I found this film to be engaging and interesting. It told the story well, did not just focus on one side of the argument as a matter of fact focused on both very well. There was even a clip of Hawaii!.

I would recommend this film to others, however it’s more for people who are interested in politics or just want to relive election day. It’s not suitable for people who only wants to hear either side because your going to be disappointed to hear both sides of the argument.

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