Otto Cake

If you haven’t noticed jet, this is the time to open your eyes!
With the recent release of the joyful and touching local documentary “Ottomaticake” by Gemma Cubero Del Barrio, nobody in Hawai’i has an excuse to not know who Otto is.

At 1127 12th Avenue in Honolulu you will find a very special place, Otto Cake.
You might think that this is just a cheesecake bakery, but it is so much more. It is the business of a remarkable person who is definitely worth noticing.

Scott McDonough, usually known as Otto, opened his shop in Honolulu 1996, but he started making cheesecake long before that. Actually it all started in 1990, when he baked a cheesecake for his mother on Mother’s Day. Shortly after this he baked another cake that he brought to a social gathering. People were amazed by the deliciousness of his cheesecake and on that day, Otto got his first order. The following years Otto took orders from several cafes around Hawaii and also from private customers. Otto also brought his cheesecake to different events to sell it, and soon the demand of his cheesecake got so big, that he opened his first shop.

The location of the shop is not random. Otto has moved his shop around several times due to social issues going on in the area, where it was previously located. These issues, such as drug dealing and violence, have been subjects to Otto’s public appearance in Hawaiian media. Otto is a man who cares about his society, and he speaks up and makes changes. His cheesecake has been a tool to accomplish awareness about social issues, but also a tool to share a piece of his joyful mind with people. By watching the documentary “Ottomaticake” you will find that Otto is a man who has touched many peoples lives. He is modest and to some point unaware that he has an extraordinary effect on the people around him. There are indescribably many sides to this astonishing man, and the documentary shows only a few of them. The director, Gemma Cubero Del Barrio describes him as endless, and it seems like he is.

“Ottomaticake” opened my eyes to Otto and his cake. But all this being said, if you are not in to documentaries, and you don’t really care about the story of this man with a multifaceted personality, at least do yourself the favor to go to Otto’s bakery to meet him and to try his famous cheesecake!

Otto bakes every one of his handmade cakes from scratch. He develops the flavors himself and by now he has more than 286 different ones. I had a taste of the mocha, the maple, the lemon and the amazing plain and all of them were to die for! Cheescake Factory go home!

You can visit the shop and buy a single piece of cheesecake or you can order a whole cake to take home.
Visit Otto’s web page: or follow him on Instagram:

Read more about the documentary ”Ottomaticake” or watch the trailer here:


  1. I got so fascinated by Otto, when I went to see the Ottomaticake at HIFF that I just had to go taste his amazing cheesecakes and see what it’s all about – and I totally agree with you saying that his cheesecakes are to die for! I think this is a great article, and I hope it will inspire people to go visit his little bakery in Kaimuki!

  2. Cheesecake is my FAVORITE and your photo made me want to try a slice. Actually, it made me want to eat the whole cake! I love that one of our own HPU professors had a film in HIFF. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but definitely worth it in the end. I’ll be sure to try one of these cakes!

  3. Cheesecake is my all time favorite dessert. I need to go check out this guy’s Cheesecake shop. That’s so cool that he first brought the Cheesecake to his mom’s house. I wish he was my uncle, free Cheesecake at all of the family gatherings haha.

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