Hickam Art Fair

If you live on or can get onto Hickam Air Force Base and enjoy art, food, music, and pony rides then the Hickam Art Fair may be something you should check out. once in a blue moon Hickam AFB with host an art fair in front the arts and craft center hosting many local artists, chiefs, and musician to sell and promote their brand to the large military population on island. The fair take place around three times a year on Hickam the last one occurred November 4th, 2017 from 9am-4pm. Hundreds of people show up to see the activities and park all around the area, bus it, or walk from home. It is so close I decided to walk and was one of the first few people other then the venders to show up.

The venders are always great and varied. There is local artist, out of home chiefs, there was even a booth ran by a kid selling his own invention of a marshmallow gun and he sold out fast! It is free to attend and just browse the tables and food or just to enjoy the music and entertainment. Each time there are activities offered to kids such as kiddie rides, arts and crafts, and most often horse rides.

I went around and asked a few venders along with some of the other fair goers about their experiences.

Most of the venders I did speak with said that they were repeat sellers at this particular craft fair for reasons as nice location, nice people, and well organized. I asked about complaints and some said the difficulty to either get on base or trying to reserve a spot at the fair. Apparently, it is very competitive and spots fill up fast. The fair goers all seemed content as well. The main complaint was the parking and some of those who are not military had time getting on base.

Overall, it is very entertaining and free to attend which always goes over well with poor students. I myself bought handmade pillows made out of quilts, they are so cute and soft. I can’t wait to give them to my mom for Christmas.


  1. I would have never known that there was things like art fairs going on on military bases! This event should so nice – and I really like the idea about a marshmellow gun!

  2. Sounds like fun! It sucks that it is so hard for non-military to get in. That would be a turn off for me. Hope your mom likes the pillows!

  3. Haha, go kid with the marshmallow gun! Good job getting a Christmas present for your mom while you’re there. It’s cool that there are events like this on the base, you’re lucky to have access to it.

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