Downtown’s diner, Downbeat

Article by Clayton Nelson


In downtown Honolulu there is are a variety of restaurants and bars to fit nearly many taste palette. One of those is the Downbeat Diner and Lounge which caters to the vegan crowd by providing almost all menu items vegan upon request.


Multiple reviews found on Google would claim the atmosphere of this American diner to be “fun,” “great,” and “hipster without overkill…”


The diner is one of the few restaurants with two faces; one is a vegan friendly diner with small bar, the other is a lounge with full bar often hosting live local music artists.


According to Google reviews, students and non-students have lunch, dinner, drinks or desserts all while spending more than 45 minutes of socializing.


The diner is located a few blocks from HPU, making it convenient for students and others in the downtown area to stop in.


Reviews on various websites from Facebook, Google and HappyCow generally rate the service and staff to be friendly and well accommodating for all ages, even younger crowds.


The diner is owned by Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) professor Dr. Serena Hashimoto and managed by her daughter Isabella Hashimoto.

In downtown Honolulu on Hotel street, Downbeat Diner and Lounge. Photo provided by Clayton Nelson.

Isabella Hashimoto “I can be candid.” Photo Provided by Clayton Nelson.

Isabella and Cassie Treviño prep for the evening business. Photo provided by Clayton Nelson.

Clayton Nelson (right) “It’s for my photojournalism class.” Isabella Hashimoto (left). Photo provided by Clayton Nelson.


  1. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that “Downbeat” was Dr. Hashimoto’s restaurant. It’s really cool! I have to visit it one day ! I wish that you would have described the restaurant’s atmosphere and the food more detailed, instead of letting us know what other reviews said. It would also be cool to know a bit more about the history of the restaurant. But I will definitely have to go and check it out myself 🙂

  2. Hi Clayton!

    Cool post! I would agree with reviews that Downbeat has a very hipster atmosphere. They have great food and is of great convenience for HPU students. I love your interview with Dr. Hashimoto’s daughter. I think it’s awesome that you went out into the field yourself to get more insight about the dinner and get pictures. I think it is awesome that the dinner is owned by a professor at HPU, its so rad. Great post!


  3. Downbeat is awesome, glad I got to go there with you and try a vegan brownie. I love the smoothies there too. I also love the candid shots Clayton haha

  4. Interesting. I heard about this place but I didn’t know much about it. Looks like a nice place to check out!

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