A real life horror story

The truth behind a real life horror story that includes a submarine, a dead body cut into pieces and a crazy inventor is slowly unfolding in Denmark.

On August 11th 2017 the news about a disappeared submarine hit the front pages in Denmark. The submarine was designed and build by a Danish inventor, who is also the owner. According to the press’ information both the inventor and a 30 year old female Swedish journalist, Kim Wall, was on board the submarine when it went missing. Kim Wall was writing a story about the famous Danish inventor, and had gone out for a sail with him in the submarine the day before. As they never returned that night, Kim Wall’s boyfriend reported her missing.

What everybody thought at first was that they have had an accident and that the submarine had sunk. All morning on August 11th the Danish press published stories about the search. To everybody’s relief the submarine was found later that day and the people on board the submarine was reported to be in good shape. They had had technical issues but the rescue team was helping them back to shore.

It turned out that the people on board the submarine was indeed in good shape. But there was one problem. There was only one person onboard the submarine, and that was the inventor. Kim Wall was gone.

The inventor explained that he had dropped her of at shore, but this turned out to be the first one of his many false explanations of what really happened to her.

The search for Kim Wall began, but there was no sign of her anywhere. During the next couple of weeks rumors that the inventor had killed her started to spread. And eventually the inventor is charged for murder. On August 21st they found a dead female body in the waters around Copenhagen. The body turned out to be just the torso, it had no head, no arms and no legs. At this point there was no evidence that the body belonged to Kim Wall. It was not until a couple of days later that forensics were able to match the DNA. Kim Wall was dead – but how and why?

The inventor now changed his story. He explained that there had been an accident in the submarine. Kim Wall apparently hit her head and died, and he decided to bury her at sea. He claimed that he had nothing to do with cutting up the body. At this point he is being charged for murder and for indecent dealings with a dead body.

On October 3rd it is revealed that Kim Wall has been stabbed several times in her chest and in her crotch. Her body parts seem to have been cut of with a saw. On top of this they have found videos of female executions on a hard drive that evidently belongs to the inventor. The inventor still denies having anything to do with this, and holds on to the explanation that she hit her head.

Then on October 7th the police came forward with new evidence that makes the case look really bad for the inventor. They had found Kim Wall’s legs and head, and there is no sign of injury on her scull. The inventor’s story that Kim Wall died from hurting her head simply can’t be true. Now the inventor decides not to answer anymore of the police’s questions, but he accepts to stay in custody.

The following couple of weeks the public gets very few pieces of information. But then on October 30th the inventor goes public with a new explanation. This time he admits to having cut Kim Wall’s dead body into pieces, but he still claims that he didn’t kill her. His statement is that she died inside the submarine while he himself was outside on deck. The inventor says that he doesn’t know how she died, but his own guess is that she died from a carbon monoxide poisoning.

What really happened to Kim Wall on the night between August 10th and 11th 2017 remains unclear. The only one who may know is the inventor, and the question is if everybody else will ever know.

The inventor is still in custody and is now being charged with both indecent dealings with a dead body and other sexual intercourse than actual intercourse under particularly aggravating circumstances – the last charge he continues to deny.


The name of the inventor is not published in this article as he is getting charged for murder.

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  1. You did a really good job covering what is probably one of the most horrifying and complex news ever happened in Denmark. I still can’t believe that something like this happened in my hometown while I was here in Hawaii. It’s a real life horror movie.

  2. I can’t believe that such things actually happen… I would really want to know what really happened on this submarine, not exactly how she died but more the answer on why she had to die. Shocking what people are capable of doing to others, thanks for sharing this story though, you did a really good job on explaining this case!

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