Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Drops!

Que the fan girl scream. This week we got two trailers for two highly anticipated movies coming out this Fall/Winter. The first one comes with a large push of a marketing campaign beginning to ramp up and the other drop in the middle of a sluggish football game where more people cared about the halftime show than the actual game (again). Let’s start off with…

Justice League: It starts with Lois Lane walking out to the porch at the Kent farmhouse. She sees the backside of a familiar friend in the field. Clark turns to her. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he says, remarking about the ring he intended to give her. Flashback to his burial and… it’s all a dream! Lois wakes up to the sound of a newscast a world in disarray without Superman. “A World Without Hope” reads the front page of the Daily Planet. Then comes in Bruce’s voice. He’s been dreaming about the end of the world. There’s an alien invasion coming but it could be something more as what I hope to be a new song created for the movie begins to play. Commissioner Gordan lights the bat signal. There are glimpses of Aquaman underwater, Wonder Woman next to a statue of Justice, the Flash in his suit, and Cyborg looking over intel. “A strong man is strongest alone,” says I assume to be Aquaman talking with Bruce who tells him he’s wrong. What follows is some footage of the fabulous five in epic battle scenes. “The World needs Superman,” says Bruce and we get more flashbacks from BVS. Aquaman takes out an alien bug and is falling through a red sky before Cyborg catches him. “The ride ain’t over yet,” he says to his adrenaline filled comrade. Wonder Woman takes on some aliens with a smile and Aquaman once again, jumps on the bat mobile, hooting and hollering. It ends with Barry Allen, geeking out and catching site of the bat signal. “That’s your signal!” he whispers at Bruce trying hard to contain his excitement like we all are. Ever since Wonder Woman gave a good solid go for the DECU, Warner Brothers is hoping to hit another one out of the park. It could very well do it, though I have some concerns, not just from some Aquaman cringing and pulling off both him and the Flash, but especially some reshoots which involve a mustache and on a more serious note, Joss Whedon taking over after Zack Snyder had to step down for personal reasons. Justice League comes out on November 17th.

Star Wars Episode Eight- The Last Jedi: There are plenty of shots of an unknown First Order base, heavy assault Walkers, a platoon of Stormtroopers led by who I believe to be General Hux, and finally Ren in his mask reaching for his lightsaber as Snoke begins his voice over. “When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power and beyond that something truly special.” Cut to Rey igniting her lightsaber. The music begins to tense as Rey approaches Luke. Something inside of her has always been there (it’s a little hard to understand her at this point; bear with me), then she was awake and she needs help. Luke is surprise to see her crack stone as she meditates. He’s seen power like that once before; it didn’t scare him then but it sure as heck does now. Kylo Ren is working out some issues on his end as he throw his helmet into the wall, showing off his new scar and what I assume to be a matching tattoo to cover it. In what I hope to be an epic space battle against the Resistance, he senses his mother, General Organa. He wants the past to die, to kill it even, so he can become what he’s meant to be. Chewie is flying through a large cave in the Millennium Falcon from a group of TIE fighters. His co-pilot? A penguin looking creature dubbed a “Porg” throwing everyone off focus. (Stay on target!) The focus then shifts to Poe Dameron who is taking out baddies with his new X-wing. Then on to a battle between Finn and Captain Phasma. “This is not going to go the way you think,” warns Luke as Leia looks out of her base and Rey nearly drowns in a dark pool. She sees somebody but it’s too out of focus to tell. The Walkers began their assault and Snoke is heard again. “Fulfill your destiny.” He is seen in the CGI flesh tormenting Rey. “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” she says in a different shot, then it cuts to Ren, offering his hand. Then it goes to the main title. Now some people are going to speculate that Rey is going to the dark side because we see Ren offering his hand right afterward. These are two different shots craftily edited together. For all we know if could be Ren offering his hand to Finn. Immediately Twitter blew up and I’m sure all ticket sites are down for the next few hours.

So will you fulfill your destiny and see these two movies? Will you stand together or will your co-pilot be a Porg?

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