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Because of her family’s military lifestyle, she was born on an Air Force Base in Oklahoma but raised in Hawaii most of her life and has had to travel around quite a bit. She is the beautiful and intelligent Isabella Ronsse!

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Isabella Ronsse, who goes by Izzy, is a 22 year old Senior here at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in Cinematic Production with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. When asked how she made the decision to pursue this type of degree, she explained that she started off making Animation Music Videos (AMV) in high school, then dabbled in stop-motion film-making before falling in love with the level of creativity that goes into the production process of those types of projects. 

When I first heard that she was into stop-motion, it reminded me of Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated films that have become increasingly popular as the years go on, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coroline, and The Corpse Bride. I decided to get her viewpoint on these works.

Izzy 2She said she liked them adding that “it’s cool to see the evolution of his work like how stiff and crude some of his models were in The Nightmare Before Christ-mas compared to Corpse Bride where it’s smoother and everything looks more animated and produced.”

Her hobbies include reading, watching YouTube, and bothering her adorable, black and white, domestic long-haired cat, BeBeBelle Machete (Bebe for short).

Her favorite book is Watchers by Dean Koontz because of its “suspense, romance, sci fi, cat and mouse game,” and she loves the movie is Dogma by Kevin Smith for its satire, religious views, and comical aspects. I figured it’s good to know a Cinematographer major’s favorite movie because sometimes it can give you more information about the person or maybe it can even reveal or influence the type of film-making they might go for when producing their own film.

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Although Izzy enjoys completing film-based projects, she says she isn’t sure that it’s her ultimate passion, but she thinks her true passion lies somewhere in the film industry. Personally, I have seen some of her projects and read some of her scripts in the past and can reassure her that she is definitely on the right track. She has a knack for bringing a sense of comedy to stories to make them more interesting and enjoyable. She is sure to have a bright future ahead of her no matter which path she decides to choose. She claims to not know what she is planning to do after she graduates, but she will probably just go where life takes her and jump at any positive opportunity that may present itself. I do know that she has a list of places she would like to travel saved in a corner of her bucket list so maybe she will get cracking on that list. Whatever happens, I wish her luck on her endeavors.





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  1. Wow, that is really cool that she did/does stop motion films. I would love to see one of them! I too don’t know what path I want to pursue after I graduate so I am on the same boat as Izzy. I’m sure we will figure it out eventually.

  2. Great piece, I really like the interview focuses on her major and grows from there. The stop motion films sounds really cool! I hope Izzy will find her perfect path – sometimes it helps to wander a little!

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