The new tablet is out for paper people

The newly released, quite extraordinary reMarkable tablet certainly is not for everyone. It has been designed for a certain type of people who enjoy writing or reading on paper rather than on a digital screen.

I have been interested in trying this tablet and I actually got the chance to do so because my roommate decided to buy it after its release on the market. I tried the tablet for quite some time and I have made a few conclusions about this new device.

The price is set quite high at $600 despite the fact that the reMarkable tablet does not have apps and it cannot play video files. If the consumer is looking for a tablet that has all the common functionalities of a tablet, then this product does not suit them. This product is strictly suited for a certain group of people, which was mentioned earlier. This tablet is made for designers, lawyers, students or people within the academic field that usually deals with a lot of paper work and has great use of its special function. Despite the fact that this tablet is limited in its functionality, it can still download e-books, send emails if connected to the Internet and it is a very good device for drawing and writing. Overall, this is a great device for people who enjoy reading physical books or papers and for people that prefer taking notes by hand, but now instead of in a digital environment on a tablet. Worth mentioning is that this tablet uses the so-called E-ink technology, which is known previously from devices such as Pebble-watches and Kindles.

The device is about the width and length of an A4 paper. It is very lightweight, even less than an iPad that many of us are familiar with. This makes the tablet easy to bring in a suitcase, bag or similar so it is very convenient to bring anywhere. The tablet does have three buttons on the bottom part of the device but is primarily touch-based in similarity to the iPad. The middle button returns the user to the home screen meanwhile, the left and right button turn the page while reading, drawing or similar. Noticeable is that the buttons make the device look quite old-fashioned because we are in a technological era where Samsung and Apple are trying their hardest to get rid of as many buttons as possible. One good example is the new iPhone X, which does not have a single button, but is instead completely touch-based.

Despite the old-fashioned button layout, the reMarkable tablet has a quite modern, high-end backside in brushed metal, which makes the device feel more qualitative and high-end orientated. This is most likely in an attempt to keep up with the digital high-end era where new devices are released constantly and the consumer is looking for a certain quality in new products.


  1. I didn’t even know this tablet existed. It sounds cool, you are lucky that you got to try it. I had a hard time to decide if I wanted to get a Kindle or an iPad, but this tablet seems to be something in between.

  2. Great review. I really like the idea of this tablet and how it contains a lot of practical features and seems to like a development of a kindle, which is cool.

  3. I’ve never heard of this device before this post so thanks for doing this review and introducing the product. I’ve been looking for a tablet that would be simple for one of my family members to use who likes to read a lot and writes but does not type on any devices, so it’s nice to know that there’s an actual device out there that might suffice for their needs! I’ll be sure to look more into it.

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