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Coming to Hawai`i you must of course have a taste of our local food. Get to a good luau to try haupia (coconut dessert), lau lau, poi/kalo (taro), and of course kalua pig (specially made in an imu, where the entire pig is steamed underground covered by banana leaves). Coming to Hawai`i you must also try more of our local heartburn foods like loco moco (rice, hamburger patty, egg, and gravy) and spam musubi (rice, spam, teriyaki sauce, furikake, wrapped in seaweed). Hawai`i is such a melting pot of cultures. Our food is very islander but also includes many fusions of different cultures, especially asian influence.

Malasadas: Hawaiian or Portuguese doughnut

Arielle and I swung by the local farmers market to get ourselves a bag of fresh hot malasadas. My favourite are coconut custard filled that you can get from Leonard’s bakery.

Speaking of pastries… Liliha Bakery

Leonards might have the best malasadas but Liliha bakery has the best cream puffs! Famous for their coco cream puffs, my favourite by far is their green tea cream puff. So good my mouth waters thinking about it. Another mouth watering pastry are their new taro doughnuts, T O O  G O O D I could easily eat a dozen, giving Krispy Kreme a run for their money.
They also have a sit down restaurant with delicious waffles they put their signature custard over, we didn’t even touch the syrup.

Other Places to taste


Banan bowl has two locations. Their food truck in Diamond head is a cute spot perfect for post Diamond Head beach, hike, or surf! Though some of their female employees have quite the attitude, I am hoping on your visits you get good customer service and aloha! You can either make your combination or choose one already listed. My favourite aspect to their bowls is their “boat” where instead of using a cup, the “bowl” is half a papaya.
​D e l i c i o u s


Right around the corner from Lani Kai Juic in Kakaako is Juicd. If you like toppings, go here. With their different variations of acai bowls or even a prickly pear bowl option, you can load your bowl with one or ALL of their toppings (which is a lot), for no additional cost. Same goes with their salad!

Japan Influence

Japanese restaurants do not compare to the amount of Japanese tourists here in Hawai‘i. O‘ahu does a lot to cater to the Japanese. Waikiki is a prime example of this. Some places do not even have english menus due to the amount of Japanese customers. Although thanks to this, we get some delicious sushi and Japanese restaurants!

Island Vintage Coffee

There are a few locations, one in Waikiki, a small one at the Ala Moana mall next to the stage, and one on the north shore next to famous Matsumoto’s shave ice where there is ALWAYS an insane line, but the shave ice is pretty amazing!
Island vintage coffee has delicious drinks as well as food such as bagels, poke, acai bowls and more. Their drinks are especially my personal favourite, the image to the right is their frozen matcha latte, YUM. I have never been unsatisfied with any order.



  1. Yes !!!! The Banan bowl taste soooo good !!!!!!! for real. I tried it my first semester at HPU and if I could eat it every day I would do it. This is one of my favorite places on the island to go to and get the Banan bowl. Hmm I think the customer service is great and they are always happy and smiling, that is the main reasons why I always go there

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