HPN world-exclusive interview: Evie Lindblom

If you’ve had a class with Evie Lindblom, you probably remember it. In a school that is perpetually flooded with young, blonde Scandinavian kids, she stands out as a memorable inclusion to the group, despite the fact the she is also young, blonde and Scandinavian. Tall, beautiful, charismatic and outgoing, she carries a not-so-quiet confidence into any social setting in which she finds herself. The license plate on her car reads “Saucy1”, and when she’s not in school at Hawai’i Pacific University, she can be found on the North Shore, working one of her side jobs, playing outside or getting a group together for a party or a night on the town. We sat down with Evie a few days ago for an interview to file this report for Hawaii Pacific News.

Evie is 20 years old, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, but having been raised in tropical Queensland on the east coast of Australia from the age of 2. She moved around a lot as a child, forcing her to quickly adapt to changing situations. While many young children struggle with constant moves, Evie embraced change and now thrives on it. “I like moving”, she told us, adding “I like the change of scenery and keeping moving, and love to meet new people and create new friendships.” This wanderlust, and desire to travel and seek new adventures fostered a deep hunger for her to explore the Hawaiian Islands and attend school there. “I covered my room in photos of Hawaii from the social media app Tumblr. I fell in love with Hawaii and knew I wanted to go to school there. My parents were super supportive and helped me out. HPU was the only school I even applied to… had I not gotten in, I likely would have taken a year off. I was stoked to get accepted!”

Finishing high school at the age of 17, Evie quickly made the move to Honolulu and began her studies at HPU, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with a minor in writing and theater. One aspect that she digs about HPU is the small class sizes. “I like that you get to know the people in the class, and have one on one interactions with the professor. I think that’s important for learning and getting good grades”, she told us.

In just over a year, December 2018, Lindblom plans to graduate from HPU and make a move to Southern California, in the vicinity of Malibu and Los Angeles. While her planned move to California is largely motivated by a larger jobs market, she loves where she lives now, on the North Shore of Oahu. “I love being outside and playing in the ocean”, says Lindblom. Be it surfing, hiking, going to the beach, or doing yoga, she feels comfortable on the North Shore, but not on all of Oahu. “I love the North Shore, and I enjoy my theater classes on the windward side, but I feel a bit uncomfortable being down town.” (During this portion of our interview, a mentally ill or highly-intoxicated individual was yelling and moaning while walking through the Fort Street Mall. Trust me Evie, we can relate -HPN Staff)

Evie traveled to France this past summer for the Cannes Film Festival, and made several good contacts within the creative industries; people that she can envision herself working for, and alongside. She would like to work in film or event production, script writing and artist or talent management; occupations where her degree in Mass Communications and ingrained networking skills should serve her well. “All these things are things that i’m passionate about, but right now i’m still learning what I want to do, and what I want to pursue as my career.  That’s my focus, I want to be happy with my work and career, and enjoy it, but at the same time I want to be making a good income and live in a place that I feel like I belong to”, Lindblom told us as she loosely described the American dream.

In high school, Evie told us that hanging out and socializing within many different social cliques was something that she enjoyed. Not secluding herself or merely running in just one social circle, she enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. “And that’s what I love about good music and why I want to be in that industry.There’s something about it that I think is really cool. It brings people together, and it’s really special. In a club, when a certain song comes on, how it makes people feel… one song can awaken so many emotions within so many different people. Even though people are different, it brings people together because they can relate to one another, and I really like that.”

For a well-traveled, bi-lingual, multi-cultural girl with roots in Scandinavia, Oceania and Polynesia; a girl with a penchant for adventure, networking and always cranking the volume up to get the party going, we think Evie Lindblom will do just fine in the multicultural metropolis of LA. Hey, did we mention she wants to work in the creative industries?

-Ronnie Simpson/ HPN


  1. Nice post Ronnie! I enjoyed reading your post about Evie. I actually had no idea that she was originally from Stockholm, pretty cool! I love Stockholm its such a beautiful city! But either way, I always thought that she was from Australia because of her accent. I am usually good at placing accents, but I couldn’t figure hers out, If she was from London or Australia, but Stockholm no way I would not have thought that. But it makes sense if she has lived in Australia sines she was 12 years old. The part where she wants to work in the creative industries, I can relate to that I want to the same as well, so nice to hear that someone in our class wants to the same.

  2. nice interview! has a little of everything. Cannes–very cool! moaning intoxicated people, lot of pain and suffering in the world, even if self-inflicted.

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