Apple Announces iPhone X

Ah yes, school is back in sessions and pumpkin spice lattes are being served at Starbucks. This can only mean one thing, there is a new iPhone in town and it’s coming to take your money.

Apple released their big announcement about their newest product, the iPhone X, and all gadget geeks are swarming to get their hands on it.

Now, if you take a look at it, at first glance it looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 because the front of the phone is all screen. Apple claims that their “vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen.” The screen reaches the bottom of the phone to the top, leaving only a little room for the front-facing camera and phone speaker. That tiny area is where you will find their newly developed camera and a sensor that enables Face ID. Yes people, face ID. Finger scanning is old news now.

Now again they jumped on the bandwagon of other mobile devices and developed a phone that is water and dust resistant. I am all about this though because I got one small drop of water on my old iPhone 3GS and it completely shut down on me. I also dropped my Samsung S5 into paint (don’t ask how this happened) and was able to rinse it off without having any damage done to it. So I am glad that Apple has finally decided to add this to their phones.

They have also gotten rid of the lightning charging port and have gone completely wireless. This feature is not my favorite because now when I travel I have to drag around a circular charging port, a wire to connect the charging port to an electrical outlet, and the thing you plug into the wall. This is just extra weight that is unnecessary. I would much rather be able to charge my phone with wire AND with this new wireless charging. This also means that you now have to use wireless speakers since there is nowhere on the phone to plug the aux cord into…

The camera also has gotten a facelift and is now packed with more tricks that make it look like your photos have been shot with a DSLR. The camera is now 12MP, the zoom can go even further, and there are different lighting settings when in portrait mode. They even adapted image stabilization and faster shutter to take action photos and be able to not have them be blurry.

Now I know what you are thinking, this sounds pretty cool. But, with all these perks comes a price, and that price starts at $999. Time to start saving because pre-orders start October 27th at midnight.


  1. I truly want the new iPhone X! However, I do not understand why it has to cost $999 or more. It is way too much in my opinion and it is not very affordable. In terms of the charger that Apple decided to change, I very much agree that it was a bad move by Apple because they made it more complicated and less convenient for the consumer. Changing the inlet for energy on the phone to one that is more complicated to use than the previous is a very strange move. If Steve Jobs was alive, This would never have happened and I am quite sure he is turning in his grave right now. However, I do think that Steve Jobs expected this to happen since he chose a person focused on sales as the new CEO and not someone creative and innovative as himself. Steve Jobs always created products that were simple, easy and convenient to use, not complicated and inconvenient.

  2. Nice meme. I’ve also been pondering the thought of getting an Iphone X. But due to price, I think the iPhone 8 is a more likely choice for me. The animoji and camera are giving me cause for pause though.

  3. The new iPhone X has some nice features, but you are absolutely right about how inconvenient it is that you can no longer charge your phone with wire. I think Apple has gone a bit to far in order to keep the “best” design. I have an iPhone SE, and I am going to keep it as long as I can 🙂

  4. I’m very torn about the iPhone X. I think it looks great, but I’m still a little sad that it’s almost entirely similar to the Samsung Galaxy now. But when that’s said it has some cool features and I especially like the camera and the water and dust resistance! But as you also point out, I really don’t like the all wireless thing Apple has going on in the moment – I think this would be reason enough to stick with an iPhone 8 if I’m upgrading.

  5. haha, I really like the first sentence with apple is coming to take our money. It is definitely true! An Iphone X for $999 is unbelievable.. The prices of their phones are going higher and higher every time they’re introducing a new version. I can’t image that the phone is worth the price, of course the design is very fancy and new but what about the interior of the phone? I’m not sure if the technology will change every year. Before leaving Hawaii I will buy the Iphone 8, but I’m not thinking about the X- it’s all about marketing and making money with this one.

  6. Oh my gosh, ok… so first off, I’m glad that Apple is consistently working towards improving their technology and coming up with new ideas and devices. They were heading in a great direction for a while and then came the iPhone 7. I have many mixed feelings about the newer devices. Like, I get that they are striving to make all of their devices as water proof as possible because water damage is a constant issue. Like you said, get one drop of water in the wrong place and boom phone shuts down and you have to invest in a new device. But I feel like there better ways. I first got frustrated with my iPhone 7 when I found out I need an adapter to plug in regular earphones to listen to music unless I used apple earphones because they got rid of the earphone jack. That also meant I couldn’t use my earphones while my phone was charging. I was so annoyed by this. They also did this with the newer MacBook that’s out now. You basically need an adapter for anything you want to plug into the laptop. This means more money being spent on these extra parts when you’ve already spent so much on the device alone. At the very least, with all these changes being made, I wish they would support their past devices more as well. Like if you wanted to invest in an older version of the iPhone and accessories for it. I just have very mixed feelings about all of it. Great post though, very informational!

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