The film TRESPASS AGAINST US is a United Kingdom film directed by Adam Smith, starring Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson. This film is essentially about a disruptive family and the conflicts that occur over time on a day to day basis. That being said the story would not be able to develop if Fassbender’s character Chad Cutler did not have the ability to drive getaways cars and avoid the police.

A bottom line this film tries to convey is that the wife of Chad Cutler, Kelly Cutler played by Lyndsey Marshal is she does not want her kid especially the son Tyson Cutler to end up like his father. Only the dysfunctional actions made by both Chad Cutler and his tormenting father Kolby Cutler played by Gleeson who lives next door slows the progression of attendance and learning process of the kids inside the family. I feel that is what this film wants to hit hard is; this family has problems and it is outside the norm of what a regular first world family goes through in the United Kingdom.

The film advances by Chad Cutler stealing valuable items at one of the government/royal offices within the town they live in. Cutler had always been on the cops radar for committing crimes, but stealing from the government really outraged the police force. Nonetheless, Cutler is never convicted until later on in the story. Only it is for a different crime, but the film ends and you are left never seeing Chad Cutler go behind bars. And that was a signature message the character had said throughout the film that he, “has never been arrested.”

All in all I enjoyed watching this movie, I felt the ending was misleading to what the story in its entirety was supposed to portray, but the cinematography was well done, and I enjoyed the acting. Also the fact it was set in the country and showed a basket case of the family, I feel the director was able to show that a mother is always the staple or back bone to any family.

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