MATURE STORY 3 – Homelessness


The homeless issue is one of the biggest issues conflicting Hawaii and the island of Oahu. Anyone traveling to this island will see first hand the issue and see many people suffering on the streets. Many lawmakers have put numerous actions into plan but it seems no effect has been able to solve this situation.

To begin this discussion about homelessness in Hawaii I feel we need to classify the difference of types of homeless people Hawaii. First off there are military veterans and people with psychological disorders, there are people with no job/income, and there are people that choose to be homeless.

One solution that our local government has put in place is using semi trailers and making them into housing units and creating a homeless community within these units. I feel that is a step in the right direction, but the main thing for me is the safety to families that have children, because children being homeless is another homeless issue out here, and we want our future leaders being brought up in good conditions.

Another solution the government put in place was a sit and stay lie. No citizen is allowed to sit and stay for an extended amount of time in one area. Personally, I am against this law. Yes, it gets rid of the bad apples that may sit and cause problems to businesses, but to a family with no home and no money that inhabits a place, and then the police has the ability to kick them out I feel is disruptive and never allows the homeless people to get ahead and better themselves. The homeless is left to worry about the location they are in and if it is ok to stay in one area for an extended time. And it is not only the police they have to worry about, it is the rest of the homeless community. Living on the street is not easy, and there will always be the select few that do not care about families or children and will take from the innocent and give to themselves.

There is no clear solution to the homeless problem in Hawaii, we just need to take it one day at a time I feel. If the government was smart enough to buy a large portion of land, and build a structure that gives people relatively low cost to housing and can supply them with jobs then that is a step in the right direction. However, there will always be the select few that will never want to work and just want to live in paradise for free. The world is a difficult place.

One thought on “MATURE STORY 3 – Homelessness

  1. I agree that we must keep the humanity of unsheltered individuals in mind as we address this complicated issue. I read recently that although it’s true that many people suffering from homeless do have mental health and drug-dependency disorders, these issues may actually be a result from the sleep deprivation and stress of being unsheltered. I think that this should be taken as strong evidence against the effectiveness of the sit lie ban. It may be making the problem worse.

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