With the current election that just happened and the type of way it was covered with the media, and the controversy of negative outrage within the public I cannot help but compare the times we live in to the year 2505 in the film Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson directed by Mike Judge. If you have never seen this film in summary a guy is frozen 500 years into the future and is placed in a world that is significantly dumbed down compared to the culture we live in today. Their culture is dumbed down due to smart people not having kids and non-intelligent people pumping out kids like no other. Only the difference from the time we live in today to the films time in Idiocracy is the film plays with a sort of distant Utopia amongst the community. Everyone seems to get along and the dumb people know they are dumb. In the film they elect a president who was a former wrestling star, wait wasn’t Donald Trump a figure in WWE and RAW on TV? So definitely comparisons can be made.

Do I think we are living in Idiocracy, no I do not, however I feel our society has been dumbed down on all levels by the media and where I point the finger to is social media. Having said that the reason to my thinking is people pick and choose what they see, read, and hear on twitter, facebook, instagram, and snapchat. Having that choice gives you empowerment, but hearing opinions about things you only agree on gives you no lateral viewpoint from the other end of the table. That is why the outrage was so negative, people did not understand why other American citizens could vote for a figure like Donald Trump, yet they do not hear the other sides voice so they just assume that they are idiots that live in flyover country.

Which brings me to another point about the diagram/layout of how Americans voted in the election. People claim that the uneducated vote went to Donald Trump, and yes that did seem like a clear and unquestioned poll, but who puts out those polls, people that have college degrees. Blue collar workers in the central and southern U.S. are the main people that support Donald Trump and yeah they might not have a degree, but they are skilled in a trade, does that make them uneducated? Also the media never reported the debt crisis we live under, the heroin epidemic that is sweeping the mainland, and why so many so called african americans are being thrown in jail for petty crimes; those are just a few.

In no way does this mature story involve my support of Donald Trump because I do not, but I just want both sides to realize that they are acting like the creator of Idiocracy had envisioned and that vision was having tunnel eyesight, not listening to opposing viewpoints in an ethical manner, and letting emotions get the best of them. Electing a president should never be this stressful, and the fear generated from this election was brought on by the American people and the media, not Donald Trump. To an average American citizen this election will have no effect on one’s daily life, so when you wake up, roll out of bed, step outside, and take a deep breath, remember the system works for us, we do not work for the system.

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  1. Nice! One of the (many) scary things about Idiocracy is the state of the environment. I’m afraid that while everyone is arguing over scandals and memes, the landslides of garbage mountain may be a threat to us very soon.

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