One of the signature events of the Cinematic Multimedia Clubs in the 2016 fall semester was the collaboration with HIFF and the Asian Film Awards Academy was the films they had brought to HPU. Chris Morrow and myself got the opportunity to introduce the film THAT DEMON WITHIN and it was an important moment of this semester to HPU and Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Being able to collaborate with different parties and people and do strategic planning was an ability I learned. Communication is key and one does not want any information slipping through the cracks. I felt HIFF did a good job communicating along with the Asian Film Awards Academy. I got the chance to have a first hand look at how hosting an event occurs and what one has to do to hold an event at HPU and let me say it is not easy. There are a lot of forms to fill out and a lot passing notes that have to be read and gone through to get the position held.

The most difficult thing was being able to schedule the event. Delayed conversations took place, a miscommunication of times, and the posters being waived no due to incorrect information were just some of many little problems that took place. Also when we did have everything set-up and the movie started, we forgot to put the subtitles on the screen for the beginning. Luckily we were able to figure everything out, the event was held, everyone got free pizza and drinks, and there was a large turnout.

Learning points that I will carry with me from this collaborative event is always communication and the ability to ask questions. There was a number of times emails were sent to me containing information I was unsure of, but having Dr. Pete Britos readily available and talking with him really helped me have confidence and an awareness to keep the conversation going and getting the job done. I have to say it was an honor being able to conversate and produce an event at a college. I never would have thought coming to HPU that I would have this opportunity and I feel proud to say that I have learned collaboration, production, and communication skills on a professional level.

I feel in the future if a professional event needs direction and a kickstart I can be the person that gets people together and get people to talk story. Us as human beings possess a skill that of verbal communication, only I think the millennial generation struggles with the one thing us humans possess and that is verbal skills. We live in a social media technology society and words are spoken through phones rather than round tables. Sitting in classrooms nowadays I see students do not possess attributes to have long lasting conversations, it is merely small talk and quick conversations about things people will forget later in the day.

To be able to help this millennial generation possess speaking skills I feel we need to get off of our phones, step outside, and breathe the fresh air that mother Earth has given us. I will touch more on this subject in other mature stories/blogs, but being able to set-up an event, and introduce it through speaking shows myself that I have the ability to speak to people and lead by actions rather than follow by words.

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