The 1966 classic film Come Drink With Me directed by King Hu starring Pei-Pei Cheng and Hua Yueh is an absolute masterpiece and a film that is way ahead of its time. The story is about two groups of enemies. One group kidnaps the governor’s son and holds him for ransom so their leader will be let free. Only Pei-Pei Cheng playing Cheng Hsuan-yen a  young female warrior, daughter to the governor and sister to the brother that is kidnapped fights to free her brother throughout the film, but with the help of a master named Drunken Cat.

In addition to the beautiful shots this film has a musical score unlike most films. The music moves with the motion of characters, and if the characters stop for example in a battle scene, the music will stop along with them. Also the film tricks this movie uses by editing is creative and many film students could learn from this film, as well as the ability to shoot long takes and not having to cut. That is what makes classic movies that are still watched today; is the editing style, skill, and technique to make everything look natural and have the viewer not interrupted by any cuts. The flow is very natural in Come Drink With Me.

The biggest question I have with the film Come Drink With Me is why does the director call the main actress, “sir” throughout the entirety of the film. My explanation is either men feel belittled by having a woman able to defeat them in swordplay or they do not realize she is a woman because of her amazing swordplay ability. But throughout the whole film never once is Pei-Pei Cheng’s character called ma’am or mrs.

I really suggest everyone check out this film. It is an all time classic and still fits in a modern era of films that can be enjoyed. Choreography is splendid, and the story is original and dynamic. Again, chinese cinema has a way of getting attention and I will always choose a film such as Come Drink With Me over classic Hollywood creations. A lot of work goes into their movies and that attribute is what makes there films classics.

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