Bowling is stupid

I understand that this might be a somewhat weird and unpopular opinion, but that’s just what it is – my opinion.

Bowling is stupid. It’s one of the dumbest sports I know. Think about it. What’s the objective, to knock down all the pins? Oh, cool! And what happens when you do? Some bowling robot in the backroom puts them back up again. Then you have to do it again.

Playing with friends on a night out every now and then can be fun, I guess. At least for one round. Because be honest to yourself, how fun is it to watch bowling? This is a legitimate sport that has tournaments and even gets aired on TV.
You expect the pro bowlers to knock down the pins every time, right? They’re professionals. And if I can do it at ten, they should be able to knock them down 100 % of the time with all that training.

There is so much waiting in bowling. You gotta wait for the ball to come back, the pins to be set up, wait for your turn and wait for that one friend who has to throw the ball in that “cool” way where he tries to spin the ball. When you’re playing yourself, all you care about is your own turn! But you gotta sit and wait it out.

And then it’s all the noise. The constant sound of things getting knocked over and balls rolling across the floor. I get a headache just pretending to think about it. People screaming a little too loud when they get a strike, and kids who starts crying when they don’t. Cheering and celebrating in sports  is all fine and dandy when you’re outside at a stadium or something, but when you’re indoors in a sweaty and clammy room filled with thuds and bangs from bowling, it’s just annoying.

And just to clarify – yes, I am awful at bowling.


2 thoughts on “Bowling is stupid

  1. I see your point. Bowling is a very leisurely game. But it gives you time to hang out with your buddies, and the noise and activity make silences less awkward. For me, bowling was always something to do with your family during the holidays, when you got tired of sitting at home and listening to people complain.

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