Whats happening to hawaii?

Foul odors are happening at elementary schools around oahu. That’s pretty concerning. First was at an elementary school in Ewa Beach, which got 4 kids sick and sent to the hospital. The very next day, an elementary school in Hawaii Kai had to evacuate all 450 students and staff almost 2 miles down the road to Kaiser high school because complaints of a foul odor which sent 2 kids to the hospital. What is going on? This is really concerning.  Scary thing is that we currently live in ewa beach but my daughter goes to a different school. Whats even more concerning is that my daughter used to go to the school in Hawaii Kai. Besides foul odors at elementary schools, i recently read a story the other day about incidents at an elementary school in Mililani. The latest was a man dressed in all black, glasses and gloves was seen taking pictures of kids and then started approaching the kids with his hands in the air, when a staff member at the school seen this he started approaching him and he ran off and drove away.  This is creeping me out. Hawaii to me has always been the safest place in the world to raise kids but its seems to be getting more and more dangerous as the years go on. I pray that God will keep our islands blessed.



  1. This is a very important issue, locally. I think any environmental hazard happening to the keiki is a reflection on us and the decisions we make. We already know the state of public education here in the islands, and having been a product of both public and private schools, I think lawmakers and people at the DOE need to take a closer look at the children’s well-being.

    How do teachers feel when they know a noxious odor can impede on learning? l implore district officials of affected areas, such as Hawaii Kai to find the cause of this smell and take action. I do agree though, that Hawaii his definitely changing in terms of children and the environment. I used to be able to walk from elementary school back to my house — if I was a parent today, I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable letting my children go around Hawaii unsupervised.

    Perhaps it’s because kids today are more connected? My sister has an Instagram account. I don’t. She’s in the sixth grade. I’m 23 years old. I find that the same issues regarding public access and having an online presence with adults are tenfold with kids.

    Great piece on the local community regarding local issues.

  2. I agree, these are vital issues especially as children are basically our futures. I wish there were more resources for us to make use of, but the reality is that there are simply so many things happening at once, it’s difficult to have authorities, governments, etc. to focus on each thing. The best we can do for now is look out for each other, and keep alert. Thanks for this eye-opener.

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