Senior Stress

Man oh man has this semester been the toughest semester ever! Coming into this semester i thought it might be one of my easiest but man was i 100% wrong. I dont know if it’s the pressure of this being my last semester or the fact that all of my classes include video projects which take a lot of time and creativity to complete. Or maybe it’s the fact that i also have to clock in 200 hours of work with my internship, not to mention i am a married man with 2 young children. I think it might be a combination of all. This semester has been a true test of organization and dedication. I have tried my hardest and with the school year almost complete i have no choice but to buckle down and complete. Its hard to focus when you have so many things on your mind. So many deadlines! I swear if i didn’t have a shaved head already i would be bald by the end of the semester. But on a brighter note, i feel this is a good test for the real world. After i graduate and start my career i will have many deadlines as well. So what else is left to do but to finish them? All in all it has been a quite stressful semester with very few breaks of relief. But i must finish!



  1. That picture is HILLARIOUS, thanks for the laugh Daniel. Those are the exact faces I have made, and now I just want to be done. I think the majority of us can relate to how you’re feeling! But at least we are almost there! Only two more days and we have made it! I definitely think the video projects and having to complete 200 hours of work is a huge course load especially on top of being a father! You must be extremely good at time management. I bet you are extremely excited to be graduating, I know I am. Soon we will have forgotten all the stress and how much effort college really took and look back and maybe even miss it. Right now that seems hard to believe though, at least for me. Good luck with finals, and congratulations and graduating!

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