Michael Palmieri: Interview


On September 26, 2013 we were honored to have Michael Palmieri, the New Director of the HIFF Creative Labs to come to talk to our Writing for News Media class.

So what exactly are creative labs? Creative Labs were created to empower filmmakers in Hawaii, the U.S., and internationally. In these labs, individuals are given tips on how films are made, marketing of films, and how to make money from it. There are many types of lab to choose from, nine to be exact.

Creative Lab Writers Accelerator

Creative Lab Broadband Accelerator

HIFF New Media Camp

Producers Accelerator: Fruitvale Station Screening & Case Study

Business of Acting: The Inside of Scoop on Casting

Writers Accelerator: A Conversation with Bobby Moresco

Sound X Vision: Marketing and Promotion Part 1 & 2

Sound X Vision: Royalties- How Do I Get Paid?

Broadband Accelerator: A Conversation with Bing Chen


You can visit: http://www.hiff.org/education/creative-lab/ for more details on these labs.


One example Michael gave us was how people became YouTube stars, such as Lizzie Bennet, and Michelle Phan. Being an avid Michelle Phan fan, I was excited and very interested in this particular portion. I’ve been following Michelle Phan on YouTube for about a year. She is such a great inspiration, and my all-time favorite makeup guru. Michael explained how there are many opportunities when it comes to the web, especially on YouTube. By producing content, advertising it to a specific audience, and keeping your audience interested, you will have the opportunity to create and do something great.

One important advice that Palmieri gave is to get you idea’s copy written. With constant ideas going in and out of the film industry, it is very important to have your own idea’s copy written to protect your own content, and to protect HIFF as well.

We are very fortunate to have these types of opportunities presented to us. Without the knowledge of this class, or of Palmieri, I would have been oblivious to the type of help that is being offered in this field. If you are interested in any field in the film industry, I would highly suggest you start off your career with some of the best advice in the biz. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Sign up now!


  1. It’s too bad that the New Media Camp didn’t happen, it would’ve been great to learn about new media and have it directly connect to the things I’m interested in the most when it comes to making videos for YouTube and such. Hopefully I’ll get to cross paths with Michael again some day, and then who knows, maybe another door of opportunity will open. I really liked the talk he gave in class, very helpful when working with modern media today.

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